Generate Leads from a List of Companies Following These Simple 13 Steps.


Step 1: Log in to using "Access to my account".

Step 2: Click on the Find B2B Companies link on the left navigation.


steps to find B2B leads


Step 3: Select Country, Industry & Size of the Company (employees) and you should see the available numbers on the right side under point #4 'Download'.


B2B Lead Generation Steps


Step 4: Click on the 'Prepare Download' Button at the bottom right side and wait for the download process to complete.


Step 5: Wait for the preparation, and you will see a message that reads as "Your export is in process please wait a few minutes. The link to download will be available below."


Steps to Generate Leads preparation progress


Step 6: When data is ready to download, you will see the latest file available under 'Download File' (click to expand) and then download the file in one of the formats of .csv or .xlsx or .xls format.


Steps to Generate Leads download in different formats


Step 7: Now go to the downloaded file folder and open the file in excel and copy all the domain names (it would be column B) into another excel sheet, and clean up all those that have value 'nan' that means no domains found.


Steps to Generate Leads data in excel format


Step 8: Copy the cleaned domain names and head over to the dashboard ( while you logged-in.


Step 9: Now click on the 'Find emails on websites' link from the left navigation.


Step 10: Copy & Paste domain names (from excel sheet after cleaning 'nan' data) into the text box given under 'Paste domain names or URLs below' on the right side.


Steps to Generate Leads to process domains


Step 11: Fill 'Name of your list' (give a name for the list) for your reference and click the 'Upload my list' button.


Step 12: Now, you will see the status as 'Running' and 'Available soon' and wait to complete the process.


Steps to Generate Leads ready to download or send it to email campaign


Step 13: When you see the status 'Finished' and 'Download' button and 'Transfer data to campaign' appears, you can either download or transfer data to an existing campaign to send out an emailer.


That's all to easily find thousands of B2B customers or B2C customers from companies of your choice.

Now, use this data to do direct contact or send out an email using our platform or through some other source of your choice to communicate your offers, deals, or as you wish to contact the business prospects.